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Best 276+ Funny WhatsApp Groups links 2021|2022

Funny Videos WhatsApp Group links

- Hello friends. Welcome to our site of WhatsApp group links which its mission is collection of WhatsApp group links. People may visit our site to join various WhatsApp groups from all over the world. 

- In this post we have a collection of active Funny WhatsApp group links. So if you were looking for Funny WhatsApp group links, then this post is for you because you will join unlimited Funny WhatsApp groups from various countries world wide.  

Learning how to be funny is an essential people skill.

- Some people are naturally funny, but being funny is also a set of skills that can be learned.  

- Most people don’t realize you can learn how to be funny. In fact, I want to convince you that the funniest people hone their witty craft.

The following are 7 easy strategies on how to be funny.

💦Give the opposite answer to yes/no questions

💦Play with Numbers

💦Use The Rule of 3

💦Use a Character Switch

💦Use “Whatever” as Your Secret Weapon.

💦Use real-life stories, not jokes
- Ever since the 1960s, exceptionally funny people have relied upon what’s called “observational humor” to make people laugh. The classic examples of this are Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, whose experiences led them not just to do stand-up comedy, but also to create two award-winning comedy shows (NBC’s Seinfeld and HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm). The beauty of using personal experiences as fodder for humor is that your life experience is unique, and, therefore, stories based on it are guaranteed to be original

💦Delay the funny
- When you have a funny quip or idea or joke, it’s hard not to share it right away. But the best-placed pun is actually at the end. Put the funny part at the end of the sentence. For example, if the fact it’s a cat is the surprise or twist in your story, don’t say, “There was a cat in the box.” Say, “In that box was a cat.” That way, you’re not still talking when the audience is meant to be laughing. This also makes your timing look awesome.

How to Start a Funny Chat with a Girl? Read easy ways below:

1 Ask an outlandish “would you rather?” question.

2 Brainstorm about the zombie apocalypse.

3 Offer a silly but thought-provoking question about food.

4 Open up the conversation with a pun or joke.

5 Impress her with a silly poem.

6 Reminisce about funny, embarrassing moments.

- In funny WhatsApp Groups you may enjoy the funny things and learn the basic knowledge on how to become funny if is you hobby 

- Funny WhatsApp Groups invite Links Are Here to join. Full list of WhatsApp Groups Links Groups for people who love Funny is here. We’ll add more and more Groups whenever we get latest one and you can also participate here by adding New Groups in the comments section bellow or simply by using "Add WhatsApp group" page above the menu to get Listed Here on our site.

How to join Funny💦😂 WhatsApp Groups;

👍Choose the WhatsApp Group you wish to join from the links list.

👍Click on the link indicated for the group you choose.

👍After click on the link you will be taken to WhatsApp installed in your mobile phone or computer(If you use WhatsApp Web).

👍Your device will check for the validity of the group link and will display the current information of the group and from there you can click "Join Chat" to join the group

 Funny😂 WhatsApp Groups Rules

👍Try to avoid fighting with other group members. Groups are not the place for personal conflicts.

👍Share legit jokes in the group.

👍No personal messaging the group members.

👍No vulgar or bad content allowed on these groups.

👍No rumors and Fake News.

👍Never abuse other group members.

👍Removed if you violate the rules in individual group.

Funny WhatsApp Group links below: 😂😃😄😁😅😇👇👇  


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