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Join Somalia WhatsApp Groups Links list 2021


- Also called Imazighen(in antiquity, known asLibyans by the Greeks), the Berber are the indigenous people of North Africa, west of the Nile Valley. Many Berbers call themselves some variant of the word Imazighen (singular: Amazigh), possibly meaning "free people" or "free and noble men". The word has probably an ancient parallel in the Roman name for some of the Berber, "Mazices".

- The name Berber comes from the name given to this people by the Romans, meaning barbarians. The history of the Berber people in northern Africa is both extensive and diverse. Their oldest ancestors settled in the East of Egypt. Many are the references to this old people in Greek, Roman and Phoenician texts. In fact, Berber is a generic name given to numerous heterogeneous ethnic groups who share similar cultural, political and economical practices.

- The Arabization of the Berber people happened in three stages. First it was the contact with Arabic invaders in the 7th century. The second stage started with the arrival of the Bedouins in the 11th century. And finally the 3rd stage took place between the 15th and 17th centuries and it was accelerated by the arrival of Andalusian refugees.

- Capital city: The capital city is Rabat, which is the second largest city with an urban population of approximately 580,000 and a metripolitan population of over 1.2 million. 

- Language: The National language is Arabic and Berber.  

- Somalia WhatsApp Groups Links are here to join. Full list of WhatsApp groups links groups for Somalia people is here. We will add more Groups whenever we get the latest one. You can also participate here by adding new groups in the comments section below to get listed here on our site.

Somalia WhatsApp Group rules

💧 Join these groups for your own risk

💧 Respect everyone in the group including group admin

💧 Immediately after join the group read the group description before start to share anything to avoid sharing unwanted  things

💧 Make sure you share according to the type of the group.

💧 Excuse yourself before leaving the group.
Nb: if you share against the group, you will be removed on the sport by admin.

How to join Somalia WhatsApp Groups;

👍Choose the WhatsApp Group you wish to join from links list.

👍Click on the link indicated for the group you have choose

👍After click on the link you will be redirected to WhatsApp installed in your mobile phone or computer(If you use WhatsApp Web)

👍Your device will check for the validity of the group link and will display the current information of the group and from there you can click "Join Chat" to join the group. 
Somalia WhatsApp group links...

👉Chat group -

👉SOM ACTIVE T V (channel) -

👉Somalia weyn gRouP✊✊ -

More Somalia WhatsApp group links will be added whenever we get the new one. Please stay with us...

You may like to join more WhatsApp groups below...👇

New WhatsApp Group Links: Somalia Search WhatsApp Groups

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