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Join Jordan WhatsApp Groups Links List 2021/2022


Jordan WhatsApp group links 2021/2022

- Hello. Welcome all friends who like WhatsApp groups for different purposes. In this article i have prepared a full list of Jordan WhatsApp group links from all over Jordan. Join free all groups you want from the group links below.

- One of the best known groups from Jordan's population is the Bedouin. As they are known in Arabic, the Bedu, or “desert dwellers”, endure the desert and have learned to survive its unforgiving climate. It is difficult to count Bedouins, but it is generally known that the majority of Jordan's population is of Bedouin origin.

- Most of Jordan's Bedouin live in the vast wasteland that extends east from the Desert Highway. All throughout the south and east of the country, their communities are marked by characteristic black goat-hair tents. These are known as beit al-sha’ar, or "house of hair". Bedouins are often stereotyped as constantly wandering the desert in search of water and food for their flocks.

- Only a small portion of Bedouin can still be regarded as true nomads, while many have settled down to cultivate crops rather than drive their animals across the desert. Most Bedouin have combined the two lifestyles to some degree. Those Bedouins who still practice pastoralism will camp in one spot for a few months at a time, grazing their herds of goats, sheep or camels until the fodder found in the area is exhausted. It is then time to move on. Often the only concession they make to the modern world is the acquisition of a pick-up truck (to move their animals long distances), plastic water containers and perhaps a kerosene stove.

- It can be said that many of the characteristics of the Jordanian and Arab society are found in their strongest form in Bedouin culture. For instance, Bedouins are most famous for their hospitality, and it is part of their creed—rooted in the harshness of desert life—that no traveler is turned away. The tribal structure of Arab society is also most visible among the Bedouins, where the clan is at the center of social life. Each Bedouin family has its own tent, a collection of which constitutes a clan. A number of these clans make up a tribe

- Capital city: The capital city is Amman, which is the largest city in the area.
- Language: The National language is Arabic.

Jordan WhatsApp Group Rules  

👍Don't spam the group
👍Read the group description to know what its about before start to share any information immediately after join the group.
👍Respect everyone on the group including group admin
👍Excuse yourself before leaving the group
👍Jordan based images, videos are allowed.

👍Never Share any illegal and adult content.

👍religion posts are not allowed.

👍Never change the group icon and group name.

👍Don’t be offended if others leave.
👍If you want to know more rules check the description of the group after joining the group.

👍Don't post things that are not allowed into the individual group because you will be removed immediately by the group admin.  

How to join Jordan WhatsApp Groups;

👀Choose the WhatsApp Group you wish to join

👀Click on the link indicated for the group you have choose

👀After click on the link you will be redirected to WhatsApp installed in your mobile phone or computer(If you use WhatsApp Web)

👀Your device will check for the validity of the group link and will display the current information of the group and from there you can click "Join Chat" to join the group. 

Jordan WhatsApp Groups links 👇

💦Germano Mosconi dio CAaan -

Jordan Friends WhatsApp Groups links 

More Jordan WhatsApp Group links will be added whenever we get new one... stay with us...

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